Advance Life Support (ALS) / Cardiac Ambulance

Advanced Life Support (ALS) is primarily utilized to transport critical & emergency patients who require continuous medical transportation and supervision. Our ambulances are specially designed to respond to emergency calls. Our expertise lies in fast, efficient and timely transport of critical and emergency care patients to hospitals through our fleet of Advanced Life Support (ALS/ Cardiac) Ambulances that are staffed with highly skilled paramedics and EMT that constantly monitor vital signs, administer medications and stabilize the patients till the transfer is complete. We have equipped our vehicles with state-of-the-art lifesaving advanced medical equipment. In case of any emergencies, you can call us on our helpline nowhere our dispatch team is trained to handle emergencies and deploy an ambulance to you within the shortest time possible.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Our fleet of Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are used to transport patients from home to hospitals, hospital discharges, inter-hospital, and even long-distance transfers, for non-emergency situations. We provide the best emergency care through our well-equipped ambulance services along with personal help across hospitals/ Residence etc. We use advanced medical equipment which is not only reliable but offers compassionate patient care. It is used for pre-planned non-emergency medical transfer and medical facility who requires ambulance care assistant during the journey. The main aim of all such transfers is to maintain the continuity of medical care. You can ensure a safe and comfortable transfer with us.

Hearse Ambulance

In unfortunate scenarios of death, one needs a hearse van service in Mumbai to carry the dead body in case of a funeral or transporting it to another city. BsideU understands the feelings of the suffering family and offers services for mortuary van and ambulance in Mumbai, taking care of everything necessary. You Can Avail Our 24 Hours Hearse Van Service / Mortuary Vehicle to Transfer A Dead Body. We Provide Hearse Van with Both Options with Freezer and Without Freezer. While A Freezer Should Be Taken for Long Distance Journeys to Preserve the Dead Body.

Air Ambulance

An Air Ambulance is a specially outfitted aircraft that will transport injured or sick people all over National & Internationally. Like ground ambulances, air ambulances are equipped with medical equipment useful for monitoring and treating injured or ill patients. Common equipment for air ambulances like Portable Ventilator, Multi-Para Monitor/Defibrillator, Syringe Pump with Resuscitation Kit for Adult and Neonate, Emergency medicine & oxygen Facilities Air Ambulance Aviation is flying ICU with all special medical care with the Intensivist. We can Transfer all types of Critical Patients through Air Ambulance which is one of the most helpful aviation which helps to deliver the patients as well as Organ Transportation on time and also, it’s been considered as one of the best time-saving solutions in case of emergencies. Emergencies occur without warning as they occur at places accessible by road, and in many cases, the time is always of the essence Therefore, the Air Ambulance is been called a lifesaver.

Train Ambulance

Train Ambulance Life Support (ALS) is primarily utilized to transport severe or critical emergency patients who require medical transportation and supervision from one station to another via train. It is mainly to support patients who do require extra support or cardiac monitoring. Patients who benefit from Train ALS transport services include those requiring:

  • Life-threatening emergency room visits
  • Medical & Surgical patients not requiring cardiac monitoring
  • Patients with lower extremity fractures
  • Bed to Bed service

Ambulance For Sports & Events

BsideU can also offer tailor made medical services to suit the needs of specific events. We will provide you with the complete package of medical cover, from a first aider, paramedic, physiotherapist/sport therapists to a fully equipped front-line ambulance. All team members are fully inducted and trained in all aspects of event day protocols and practices. We are proactive in keeping abreast with the latest pre-hospital guidelines and research. We have built a strong reputation as a reliable and cost-effective ambulance service provider for sports and events. We have successfully expanded our service offering and expertise to cover a range of other events which include all types of Sports, Entertainment, Government Events etc.

  • Sports Events
  • Entertainment Events
  • Government Events
  • Social Events

Fixed Contract On Site Ambulance For Corporate And Industrial Premises

We provide fully equipped and staffed advanced and basic life support ambulances, that can be stationed on your corporate or industrial premises on a 24×7 basis, as per your requirements. The staff is trained to handle non-critical emergencies on-site itself and our tie-ups with hospitals ensure safe transport of your employees in case of any critical medical emergency. We have built a proprietary paramedic and driver management system for continuous monitoring, reporting, auditing, and maintenance of patient logbooks as well as incident reports. We also have provisions for backup staff & ambulances to ensure the continuation of our services. We also conduct wellness and health awareness camps regularly for your workforce.

  • 24×7 Dedicated Ambulance
  • Trained Staff
  • Tie Ups with Hospitals
  • Back Up of Staff & Ambulance

We are committed to serve and save lives every day.