Redefining Emergency Medical Services with Modern Technology

The advancement in EMS is a matter of interest for each one of us. It is one of those things that is far removed from the abstract and affects every life, whether directly or indirectly. Looking at the trends, it’s easy to ascertain that EMS has grown rapidly in the past few decades owing to the advancement in technology. It’s a welcome and significant change, especially when thousands of people are still losing their lives to delayed medical care. Advancement in EMS can fill this gap of care and timely response and help us save thousands of lives. That’s what matters.

Technology and advancement of EMS:

A direct impact of technology on EMS has been faster, more reliable, and more accurate care. The resources technology has provided to paramedics, dispatchers, and even doctors are unprecedented. Let’s take a look at how technology is changing the face of EMS.

• The Wonders of GPS:

GPS is a tool of utmost utility for ambulance services. It provides live ambulance locations, benefiting both the dispatchers and the patient’s family. While, on the one hand, the dispatchers can dispatch the nearest ambulance to the patient, reducing the response time, on the other hand, the patient’s family can keep constant track of when an ambulance is going to arrive. Additionally, ambulances equipped with cameras and other sensors can relay important data to the control center as well as to the doctors when required, keeping everyone in the loop so they can plan ahead and minimize the response time.

• Easy access to patient data:

Due to technological advancement, the e-records of patients’ health can be easily accessible to the paramedics’ team and doctors, allowing them to make decisions with more accuracy. Also, while the patient is being transported to the hospital, their vitals, etc., can be shared with the hospitals so the treatment planning can start accordingly.

• Advanced equipment:

Modern ambulances are equipped with life support equipment that can provide necessary care to the patient while they are being transported. This support is necessary and makes the difference between life and death for serious patients.

• Air ambulances:

Air ambulances can be a godsend for people in remote locations. They can also reduce transport time, making them suitable for emergency situations when urgency is of significance. Moreover, with technological advancement, air ambulances now come with equipment to keep the patient stable during long journeys.
Every year thousands lose their lives because of delays in care. Implementation of these and other up-coming technologies can help save these lives by making the system more efficient and capable. That’s why it has become a matter of interest for all of us to promote the use of modern technology in EMS.
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