Make Way for The Heroes on The Road: Do’s and Don’ts When You Spot an Ambulance on The Street!

It is certainly not a good sight to see an ambulance on the street. When the sirens blaze and the lights flash, it indicates that someone’s life is in danger and requires immediate medical attention. Nobody can comprehend the fear and panic that a person’s family experiences at that time. The period of the 'Golden Hour' is highly crucial in saving the life of the patient. The last thing that anybody would want to do is to hold up an emergency vehicle. You would rather end up being worse, if not doing any good to the situation.

With the increasing traffic on the roads during the peak hours in metropolitan cities, it becomes a hurdle to get a patient to the hospital. Statistics show that an increasing number of patients have lost their lives due to delays in ambulances reaching the hospital. 

This article gives further insights on what to avoid and what can be done to make sure the ambulance reaches the hospital on time; safely and smoothly.


Here are a few tips you can follow the next time you spot an ambulance on a busy street.


  1. Make way for the Ambulance: As soon as you spot an ambulance with sirens on, move in the right direction and give way. Make sure there is enough space for the vehicle to pass through. Sometimes, in a panic, you might move in the wrong direction. To avoid that, slow down and then stop your vehicle. Never stop your vehicle in the middle of the road. 


  1. Be aware of the laws: It is legal for an ambulance to drive along the wrong path of the road or even break the rules of the traffic signal. However, it is not applicable to any other vehicle on the road. Awareness of the traffic rules among the general public can add to the patient’s advantage in an emergency.


  1. Follow the rules, not the Ambulance: When there is an ambulance passing by, few riders take it as an opportunity to pass behind along with the vehicle. This increases the number of vehicles crowded in one spot and causes discomfort for everyone. Don’t be 'that' guy. Remember that a slight delay might not affect you much, but it makes a whole lot of difference to the patient whose life is at stake.


  1. Keep calm and be safe: During emergencies, when the ambulance is already blazing its sirens, avoid the horn. Speeding is not an option in these situations either. Stay at least 500 feet away from any emergency vehicle. Last but not the least, your safety is in your hands. Be alert, stay safe and don't panic. 

During emergencies, every moment is critical in saving a life on the wheels. Ambulances play an important role in transporting patients to the hospital on time. Any delay caused due to the negligence of others on the street can cost someone’s precious life. What you do today might help save a life behind the wheels or increase their chances of survival.