Learning traffic safety would never be boring again for your kids!

Safer Today Ensures a Brighter Tomorrow

Let’s face it, teaching road safety rules to kids is not the easiest job in the world. Especially because it’s tough for the kids too to get all the complicated rules to stick to their memory without much practice. So, involving a few learning methods that engage kids actively is bound to make learning easier. There are many activities that you can try, including the following:

  1. Traffic park visit: Traffic parks are especially created to promote awareness of road safety and traffic rules. Typically, they are mini versions of real street networks, operating traffic signals and even staffed with traffic police at certain times. These enable children to gain hands-on experience of walking or cycling on streets, which is very useful for them in learning how real roads work and what their associated risks and challenges are.
  2. Quizzes and Games: Incorporating quizzes and games into your teaching methods will not only make learning more enjoyable for the children but will also make it easier.
  3. Storytelling or enactment of on-road situations: Telling a story through words or enactment about the benefits of following road safety rules will make children think in this direction and make them more curious about these rules.
  4. Traffic awareness rallies: Preparing slogans and carrying rallies can be a good way to make children feel the importance of road safety rules and also spread awareness among the general public at the same time.
  5. Screening road safety awareness films: Children love movies, and rightly so. It gives them audio-visual stimuli and is an engaging learning experience. When children learn something through this type of media, it has a much greater chance of sticking.
  6. Make your own short films on the topic: If resources are available, you can also guide children to make their own short films on road safety awareness. These kinds of projects will not only be a great learning experience overall but also give children more incentive to learn about traffic rules.