How accessibility to medical emergency services has changed with technology.

In a village somewhere in the hinterlands, Akash, a 14-year-old teenager, lived with his grandmother. On a fateful day, when most of the villagers were gone to a nearby village fair, his grandmother suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Akash knew that calling and waiting for neighbours to arrive might be too late. In a panic, he googled a nearby hospital and called an ambulance. The ambulance arrived a little late, but still, his grandmother’s life could be saved. 

A couple of decades ago, this story could have had a very different ending. With no internet or smartphones in the picture, the emergency response could have been delayed or perhaps unreachable. With no internet availability, it was impossible for anyone to get crucial information on time. However, rapid advancement in technology, especially the far and wide reach of the Internet, has changed the game completely. Emergency medical services have become a lot more effective with the advent of new technologies such as GPS tracking, digital medical record storage, and apps to reach emergency services faster.

Access to information: An integral part of accessibility is awareness. These days, any information that one might need is within reach, including easy access to first aid methods, nearby hospitals, ways to reach emergency services, etc. Such knowledge enhances the accessibility of emergency services.

GPS tracking: GPS tracking has proven to be a revolutionary technology for medical emergency services. On one hand, it enables the service provider to reach the destination faster with accurate maps; on the other hand, the caller can easily track the ambulance and estimate the arrival time and prepare accordingly.

Emergency service apps: A more recent use of technology in the emergency service space has been the emergence of dedicated apps for ambulance booking. Having an emergency service app can be exceptionally helpful in times of crisis. These apps are quick and effective and can be a godsend when you want an ambulance urgently. 

Technology has had a tremendous impact on medical emergency services. Keeping updated with technology and using it to our best benefit should be our goal. If you also want to use technology to be prepared for emergencies, go ahead, read some informative blogs, learn CPR and other first-aid methods, and find an emergency service app to keep you ready to face any emergency.