Driving an ambulance is not easy as it sounds.

The ambulance was surrounded by cars on both sides. It was a narrow road, and even the loud siren seemed to be of no use. Mahesh, who was behind the wheel, was frustrated due to the heavy traffic. He feared that the patient (who had a cardiac arrest only a few mins ago) would lose his life.
The paramedics were doing everything in their power to resuscitate him. However, at that moment, everything depended on Mahesh- the man driving the ambulance. He frantically signaled people to clear the road as he drove his way out to the hospital. The patient was rushed to the emergency ward and to everybody’s relief- he survived.
Back in the ambulance, now alone, Mahesh took a few deep breaths reminding himself- that even though it was a fearfully close call, he saved yet another life that day.
Such is the life of an ambulance driver. It is hectic and quite stressful. But it is also rewarding in the sense that their profession is to save lives!
A community of unsung heroes:
Irrespective of being one of the most important and time-sensitive jobs, the contribution of ambulance drivers is seldom acknowledged. We often applaud the doctors that save lives inside operation theatres but rarely talk about the people who drive them to the hospital on time.
Driving an ambulance might sound like a simple job but there is a lot more to an ambulance driver’s life than what meets the eye. As people who carry patients to and fro, ambulance drivers have to witness life and death every single day. They have to look at the dreadful aftermath of accidents and deadly diseases- up close.
Being an ambulance driver not only requires skill but also an unyielding will to help those in need.
Tireless work:
On top of the stressful nature of this job, its technicalities are also quite demanding.
Unlike us who pull a 9-5, the work hours of an ambulance driver are undefined. As emergencies can occur anywhere & at anytime, they have to work tirelessly to respond to every call for help.
The Covid-19 pandemic essentially mirrored the importance of ambulance services. While the whole world shut down, ambulance drivers worked all 7 days of the week, risking their own lives in order to save others.
There are a lot of risks that drivers have to undertake during emergencies. To make sure a patient gets timely help, ambulance drivers often have to jump signals, take the wrong way, and also drive speedily. Besides the patient’s life, the drivers also have to be mindful of the lives of people on the roads and that of the crew members on board.
Their own lives, sadly, often stand last for them.
A way forward:
Covid was a very serious and loud wake-up call for us to acknowledge the effort and strength of ambulance drivers. It also raised the need for a network of strong support for them so they can continue rendering their services safely. As for the citizens- it is crucial that we make way for ambulances on roads and not contribute to the bystander effect. A collective effort can go a long way in saving lives.
BSIDEU’s effort to save lives would be incomplete without our brave ambulance drivers. Today we take the opportunity to thank and appreciate them and pledge to strive for their well-being!
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