Critical Care on the move: Understanding neonatal ambulances

 In 2020, the neonatal mortality rate in India was 20.3 deaths per 1000 live births. While this number is gradually declining, neonatal deaths are very common in the country. With the neonatal mortality rate so high, it is extremely important to have modern facilities that cater to the needs of newborn babies.

In February 2022, a newborn baby from Hyderabad faced breathing difficulties post-birth. Suspecting a potential heart issue, she was immediately transported to the Cardiac Center of Hyderabad.

This transportation was safely executed via a neonatal ambulance which was equipped with a special ventilator that facilitated around 600-900 breaths per minute, compared to the traditional ventilator which only gives around 40-60 breaths per minute. Such equipment in neonatal ambulances is an extremely essential component that supports neonatal health. 

Let us discuss in detail why neonatal ambulances are the need of the hour!

What is a Neonatal Ambulance?

During an emergency, infants are more vulnerable than adults, and special care can make a huge difference.

A neonatal ambulance is an ambulance that is modified for special care and needs of newborns.

Why Neonatal Ambulance?

  • Specialized Care

A neonatal ambulance is staffed by specialized medical professionals who have received extensive training in neonatal care. They have the knowledge and experience to handle unique medical needs of critically ill newborns and premature babies.

  • State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

A neonatal ambulance has the latest medical equipment designed to take care of the needs of a newborn baby. It includes neonatal ventilators, incubators, oxygen supplies, and cardiac monitors.

  • Safe and Secure Transportation

The main goal of a neonatal ambulance is to keep critically ill babies safe and sound while they are being taken to the hospital. The presence of paramedics specialising in neonatal care adds to the safety measure of a newborn being transported. And availability of latest medical equipment in the ambulance makes the journey extremely safe.

  • Time-Sensitive

When it comes to neonatal emergencies, swift action is crucial. Hospitals are well aware of the critical nature of caring for a newborn in such situations and therefore prioritize urgency when dispatching ambulances to the scene.

  • Family Accompaniment

 A neonatal ambulance allows family members to accompany their baby during transportation. It can comfort the baby and the family during a stressful time.

How to Book a Neonatal Ambulance for Your Child:

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