Covid 19 And BsideU Ambulance Services

Maharashtra faced one of its worst public crisis in recent history in the form of Covid -19 outbreak. The state showed a rapid growth in the number of cases especially in the cities of Mumbai and Pune. A very busy Mumbai was totally shut down due to this fatal pandemic. At that time people were not provided proper Ambulance services. A very few Ambulance services were accepting these patients. Proud to say that our BsideU Services was one amongst them.

Our Approach And Safety Measures During Covid 19

Ambulances were specifically allotted for the Covid -19 patients, those who suffered from any other ailments were provided separate Ambulances.
However, it wasn’t that easy. A lot of precautionary measures had to be followed to ensure safety, both of the staff as well as the patients.
PPE Kits were provided to all the staff including Drivers, Helpers, Paramedics and Doctors so as to avoid contact with the infected patients.
The Ambulances were fumigated thoroughly each time ferrying a patient from home to hospital and vice versa.
Keeping in mind the financial scenario, minimum charges were applied to the service provided.
Till date, we have been successful in providing quality service to over 4200 Covid-19 patients.

We are committed to serve and save lives every day.