One of the prime corporate services offered to safeguard the employees during medical emergencies. A fully equipped & staffed ambulance, customizable as required, is stationed at the premises 24/7. The On-site Ambulance comes as a fixed service, ensuring the employees have to look no further for an ambulance in vital hours of emergencies.

Subscription Services

The subscription services aim at providing that extra safety to your corporate health coverage. Unlike the Fixed Services, the ambulances are not stationed at the premises & can be called upon whenever required. The subscription services come with a one time annual fees, offering unlimited usage of emergency ambulance services at the dial of a number. Trust is what makes us stay & be there when you need us!

Mobile Medical Units

Literally Hospital on Wheels, Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) reaches out to a large percentage of rural population who lack the access to health care facilities. Conducted as a CSR initiative, we offer Mobile Medical Vans to conduct basic health check-ups, diagnosis of common diseases, prescription of medication, preventive vaccination, health awareness and lots more. We look at opportunities to extend remote access of a comprehensive, easy & affordable healthcare service to those in need.

Sports & Events

The presence of an ambulance in events like sports, music concerts, public gatherings is a life saver. Needless to say, an ambulance has to be stationed in the event premises, as mandated by laws of safety. We look forward to help protect as many lives as possible, ensuring strong medical coverage & patient transportation facilities.

Private Charter & Air Ambulance

Go places with one of our most premium services, the highly exclusive private charter aircrafts. The Beechcraft C90 twin turboprop, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology offers you a flight worth a lifetime. Needless to say, we extend our forte of providing emergency services, equipped with ICU & modern medical facilities to patients on-board.