20+ Years of experience

Bsideu is the fastest 24×7 ambulance provider with an extensively diverse outreach across India. Pioneers in the field of Insurance TPA with over 20 years of experience, the company aims at contributing a long lasting impact in healthcare & wellness. Our expertise lies in providing quickest & safest medical response, inclusive of emergency & non-emergency transport to medical facility centres or hospitals. Our team of qualified doctors, paramedics & medical attendants are always on the move to extend a highly professional & comforting medical experience. We understand the importance & severity of the golden hour in critical situations. We are aware that people’s lives depend on our swift response to action. We are committed to our efforts in serving the best, overcoming fear & prevailing difficult situations. Your life is in your hands & we promise to hold your hand & help you in extremities.


We want to always be there for the best interest of you. It is our corporate culture to enable actions that help decide for you. Our progressive diversion into new markets, opportunities & challenges guide the decisive power of our people. We care for you. At Bsideu, we believe that care represents life’s greatest value. There is nothing more valuable than life itself; our own lives & those of whom we love. What further secures this value is our rapid response to action & prompt decision making capability.

Our Belief System

We believe in the power of self-belief. We encourage a culture that motivates our people & partner associations to be their best so that they can serve at their best. The rightful choices you make now, is what determines the outcome tomorrow.

Our Team

Mitul Jayant Vora
Varun Mitul Vora
Paul Tonny D’Souza
Aabid Khan
Business Development – Head

Brand Story

Every business idea starts with an opportunity to cater to a problem. Ours began with the need to serve the moment of crises. Being a leader in the Health Insurance Sector in India for over 20 years, our promoter Mitul Vora envisioned a journey of an integrated healthcare service. Bsideu was incepted to serve the lack of life saving ambulances at the grey hours of the covid-19 pandemic, marking the entry into the emergency services. The reality hit when our near & dear ones opted for our ambulance services & were amazed by the prompt response to highly equipped medical facilities on wheels. We realized that we could step up & leap towards an opportunity to enter the unorganized sector of ambulance services. Over the past 3 years, Bsideu has invested in over 100 self- owned ambulances servicing multiple states Pan India. It’s our goal to outreach & extend these emergency services to all sectors of society. Always with you, Bsideu!